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Entreaguas Story


It was founded by fashion designer Natalia Botero, who at the age of ten began to learn about the fascinating world of fashion. Since then she has been in constant quest for innovation and distinction, taking her ideas and creativity to the universe swimwear - beachwear.
When Natalia was 20, she launched Entreaguas, a Colombian handcrafted brand of Swimwear and Beachwear committed to show sophistication in every detail handmade by talented artisans and people who work with her, with a high social and environmental commitment.
The designer's search goes beyond; it is based on a philosophy where inspiration becomes art, looking inward and continuously researching about these cultures, to transcend and reach its own identity.


Entreaguas brand concept is based both on sober, refined and organic wealth given by macramé and on a balance and color richness. Each piece is designed by Natalia and worked individually by artisan hands that weave, dye, tie up and assembled which takes a long period, creating a unique garment.
Making an analogy, it could be said that Entreaguas is taken from magic realism of Colombia, because their designs are original and come from our roots such as fabrics and crafts of our ancestors, in order to bring into the present aesthetically elements of the past with all the strength of our culture, thus creating a unique and deep-rooted identity.
ur process is unique. We are not only fitting swimsuits to your body, we are fitting them to your personality.
Entreaguas garments are carefully designed and made by talented hands full of history, with the Entreaguas clothes you feel unique, each piece has a difference to the other in the woven detail, or hand dyed process. 


ENTREAGUAS FOUNDATION is a private non-profitable organization, created in Colombia (South America) in the year 2014, with the sole objective of improving our artisans' life conditions, including people with physical disabilities, reintegrated youth, and single mothers.
ENTREAGUAS FOUNDATION is derived from ENTREAGUAS MODA S.A.S, a private organization that designs, produces and sells swimwear, beachwear and lingerie. These garments are characterized by always including woven and hand-made pieces, that can only be achieved with the help of our artisans' skillful hands. This is why we care deeply for them and this is the origin of our dream and our goal: to seek their sustained welfare through ENTREAGUAS FOUNDATION.
Entreaguas are delighted to donate $50 cent from every invoice we make.
"Weaving dreams, connecting our senses reaching happiness, our vital search" - Entreaguas Foundation

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